What Clothes To Bring to a Teen Photo Shoot

Whether your photo shoot is for senior graduation pictures or an attempt at teen modeling, it is important to follow a few suggestions offered by professional photographers. It is also a good idea to bring a water bottle. Being properly hydrated can mean the difference between an enjoyable session and passing out from the lights and stress of being photographed.

Clothing Choices

  • Choose outfits that will allow you to shine. Look for colors that flatter your skin color and try to stay away from bright white–it can be difficult to photograph well. Avoid wild patterns that can distract from your face. Look for classic styles that are fairly timeless. Bring a dressy outfit and two casual outfits. While it is unnecessary to purchase brand new clothes for a teen photo shoot, the clothing you choose must be free from stains, rips and wrinkles. Before leaving for the photo shoot, try on the outfits to be sure they are free from imperfections.

Trendy Clothing

  • Teens who love to stay up-to-date with the latest fashions may want to bring an obviously trendy outfit to their photo shoot. Although you don’t want to date your photos, this can be one of your outfit choices. Choose something that expresses who you are at the moment for a photograph that captures your current personal style.


  • Uniforms should be brought to the photo shoot. Include the complete outfit used for your sport or activity of choice plus any accessories that can be used as a prop such as a ball, pom poms, golf club or chess pieces. It often isn’t necessary to completely dress the part, but bringing all the elements can allow the photographer to decide what should be included in the shot and what can be left out.

By Sylvia Branch

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