Things To Think About When Planning Your Senior Pictures

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

Senior Portraits by Goc's PhotographyEyeglasses

If you wear glasses we suggest that you borrow a pair of similar frames from your eye doctor or have the lenses temporarily removed from your frames. Even so called “non-glare” lenses do reflect light and in some cases cause distortion that is costly and in some cases not possible to remove. It’ll save you some money and make a much nicer finished image.


It usually is NOT a good idea to change a hair style or get a fresh haircut right before you have your senior pictures done. Guys: make sure you are clean shaven. Retouching stubble can cost extra and doesn’t look as natural as a good shave. If you’ve got a beard or goatee you want for some of your pictures, we can do those first then bring a razor and shave it off if you need to for the rest of the pictures for mom.

Senior Pictures by Goc's PhotographyClothing

Try to stay away from real trendy styles, as they will make your pictures look dated much faster (like dad’s leisure suit pictures from the 70’s). Real vivid patterns, stripes, and plaids usually don’t photograph well. You are the most important part of your images. Your clothing shouldn’t overpower your face. Solid colors will usually look the best (simplicity is good). Girls: be careful of sleeveless tops. In some poses they make your arms look big.

Senior PicturesUndergarments

Guys, if you are wearing a light colored shirt that you are wearing a t-shirt underneath, bring an all white tee (designs and logos show through) if you are wearing a tee under a dark shirt bring a black or dark gray tee, white sticks out like a sore thumb.

Girls, bring appropriate undergarments for each outfit. If you need strapless bring it. Tucked straps don’t look good and usually show. They can also limit how you pose.


Girls, makeup should be only slightly heavier than you normally wear it. Stay away from glittery makeup (it looks like white spots on your images).

Guys, if you think your skin is shiny a little powder doesn’t hurt (ask your mom or girlfriend).

Shared from Goc’s Photography

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